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EduKick International Football Academies


EduKick International Football Academies are the ultimate language immersion, study abroad, soccer development program. EduKick Academies provide professional Football training combined with quality education, welfare, safety and supervision in order to maximize the young person's overall experience abroad. 


EduKick mission is to work with players on every aspect of their training to ensure they develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental foundation required for better performance in soccer matches. This is accomplished through coaching and training in advanced strength and conditioning techniques, uniquely integrated with mental, nutritional and sports medical principles all enhanced by the environment, facilities and resources available in the select EduKick venues!


Since inception in 2001 Edukick has crated 8 unique Academy venues in which we have hosted student athletes 10 to 17 and adults 18 to 24 years old. Academies are located in:

·         Spain

·         Italy

·         England

·         France

·         Germany

·         Mexico

·         Brazil

·         USA


Academy Programs available

·         9 month (35 weeks

·         5 month (20 weeks)

·         Monthly (4 weeks)

·         2 – 6 week summer camps

·         Custom team, school and group tours


Training - Soccer training is daily, intensive, and encompasses both individual and team training. EduKick players can expect to spend two to three hours every day out on the pitch. Players regularly test their skills in friendly matches against local youth clubs. Daily practices focus on key aspects of soccer development:

·         Technical

·         Tactical

·         Agility

·         Quickness

·         Strength & Conditioning

·         Mental preparation


All EduKick coaches are FIFA-licensed. Many of them have long been professional coaches, while some are former professional players themselves. EduKick players are learning only from the best. Programming is provided in either an individual or small group format. The coach/teacher to athlete ratio is kept purposely low to assure optimal instruction.


Professional Trials  - Players are exposed to professional and semi-professional clubs principally by observation during specific oriented course activities: open training sessions, matches or tournaments. For players who have a high ability of play, pre-engagement trial opportunities may be set with a professional club. Opportunities to attend open trials plus guest club coaches visits also allow for exposure opportunities. Note: we do not guarantee a participant will receive a trial simply by joining an EduKick Academy that will be based upon the individuals development on and off the pitch. We do guarantee that all participants receive many exposure opportunities to impress coaches and scouts.



Accommodation  -  EduKick Academy participants enjoy a safe and secure living environment in either local host families, monitored private apartments or for those aged 18+ an independent living student residence option (Manchester, UK ONLY) . All living areas are carefully monitored to provide security, comfort and convenience for our international participants .Students live in fully furnished dorms with 24-hour security and access control. Only parent pre-approved visits may occur. Any other visits or outings without EduKick supervision will be rejected unless specific parent approval is in writing. No exceptions allowed.


Each participant will have a roommate, assigned based on gender, age, and interests, among other things. Boys and girls who are high school age or younger will stay on separate floors, and at no time will they be allowed to enter a room of the opposite sex. EduKick host families are vetted against our strict criteria. They have been carefully selected, and they have considerable experience in hosting international students for the long term. Host families are responsible for breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and all three meals on weekends.


Academics  -  All EduKick programs contain a language learning component. Whether participants are attending a summer camp, Year Long program or visiting as part of a team tour or larger group (optional) they have the opportunity to learn the basics or become proficient with the language of the country they are visiting. Students are administered a language level examination and are then placed in classes based upon their test results. Classes are divided into the appropriate levels based on demographics and exam scoring. In order to motivate and meet the needs of our students the programs provide an innovative curriculum from which instructor’s choose their teaching items. Our instructors adhere to professional standards and are professionally trained. Small class sizes allow teachers to give each student individual attention and to encourage maximum participation. An average classroom has 15-20 students. At the end of the program, students are given a certificate of completion.

EduKick Year Long Academy programs provide students with academic courses as well as Language immersion


·         England : BTEC Diploma and certificate in Sport (Sports science course), British System IGCSE and A-Level, supervised online                High School Grade 8 – 12

·         Spain: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Private Spanish language speaking school only)

·         France: Middle school for students aged 12 – 15 (specially adapted program for international students)

·         Italy: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Italian language speaking school only)

·         Germany: High School Grade 7 – 12 (German language speaking school only)

·         Brazil: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Portuguese language speaking school only)

·         Mexico: High School Grade 7 – 12 (Spanish language speaking school only)

·         USA – High School Grade 7 – 12 (English language speaking school only) & EFL study


Note: it is recommended a minimum 200 hours of language study be taken before attempting one of the High School programs if the country you wish to visit is not your first Language. In some cases our affiliate High school will require you to demonstrate your language level prior to being accepted and offered a place of study.

Online Study - We recommend that if High School credit is a high priority for a student that wishes to attend one of our academy Year Long programs but the country they wish to visit is not their first language or does not offer the courses they require Online High School study should be considered. The EduKick academy schools and accommodations offer free Wi-Fi and our own academic staff are happy to assist and guide students who are studying online. Many of our academies have adapted curriculums to include 1 – 2 hours of self-study per day. We recommend that no more than 3 or 4 subjects be studied online in any Year Long academy program because the nature of the curriculum keeps the participants busy for at least 30 – 40 hours per week and online subjects can take up 8 – 10 hours per week. Students who require High School credit while abroad should also consider surrounding the EduKick Year Long program with summer school to offset the workload.





Quinn Bredin – EduKick alumni - Vancouver Whitecaps Academy player & Canada U20 training camp participant

"As you know, we had 2 goals coming into this program: find a safe; hospitable; loving (I use that word because I felt every one of your staff showed that to Quinn and myself when I visited); professional environment that would allow a young kid to learn/experience the ins and outs of becoming a professional football player. Secondly, to secure some reputable relationships with UK teams and professionals that we could leverage for the 2014 season that would trend us down the path of scholarship football in a professional football setting.

In my opinion, I think both of those goals exceeded our expectations and I owe it to you guys for helping us find our way over this last year. I want to personally thank you for giving me the confidence that you always had Quinn’s best interests in mind. You gave me total peace of mind that he was always in a safe environment where he was surrounded by well-intentioned adults who allowed Quinn to mature at his own pace.

It is without question the EduKick experience of living abroad, daily training and studies prepared and helped Quinn to obtain a place with Vancouver Whitecaps in their residency program ”

                                                            Sean Bredin – Father

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