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Pro Testimonials

Dale Eve

"How can you put into words the most memorable football experience our country has ever embarked on? To be selected as the best it has to offer up against massive world nations throughout the Concacaf region. The stadiums, the hotels, the transport... Surreal. I, Dale Eve, Bermuda’s number 1 GK had no idea what I was in for. All I could do was be ready... 


Goalkeepers are either loved or hated in football. It takes a mentally fit team of us to educate and encourage one another for even one game. John Moreira lead myself, Jahquil Hill and Quinacio Hunt through the fight of the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup. Although the team itself did not push past the first round, the goalkeeping warriors won the country’s respect with an impressive showcase of matches. Tough training sessions and a top scoring save record shows just how important it is to have a top class coach. I wouldn’t have been ready without the man himself"

"John Moreira is an awesome coach. We have worked together for a few years now in the Bermuda national team. He has a great one on one approach with us goal keepers. I have had my own personal issues in and around the game with former UK Premier league club Stoke city and Bermuda First team squad and John never gave up on believing in me.

He has been an amazing mentor and Coach. We have sat in and talked on numerous occasions to help better myself and my goalkeeping. His sessions and drills are very technical and we assess, discuss and correct all areas of my goalkeeping where need be.

I can always look to John for guidance and advice on and off the pitch. We keep in contact even whilst we aren’t on a campaign together and I always get an honest opinion from such a great coach. He has worked with many top level GK’s and coaches"


- Dale Eve, Stoke City & Bermuda Men's National Team Goalkeeper

Dan Gaspar

I have the pleasure of knowing John Moreira for over 12 years. For a number of years John has worked with Star Goalkeeper Academy (SGA)  and Connecticut Soccer School. John was keen on sharing many of the SGA methods that are implemented in our World renowned Programs. John possesses a critical quality, which is passion. He loves what he does and his high level of energy is contagious. Coach Moreira demonstrates a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the art of Goalkeeping.  Bottom line, he ensures quality delivery that captivates and motivates the young aspiring athlete.


If you are keen on advancing your game, learning in a positive and rewarding environment then Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy, directed by John Moreira, a USSF National Goalkeeper Licensed Coach, USSF National A License and several other Licenses and certifications, is the place for you. I have been a part of Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy with John as a Special Guest Clinician and I have embraced the Canadian culture and thoroughly enjoy working with all the Young Keepers. I look forward to coming back to Toronto to share my international experiences at the highest level. I have been fortunate to have worked in four continents with elite professional players preparing them for World Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup and Asian Cup competition. 

Be ready for once in a life time opportunity!


-Dan Gaspar, Portugal and Iran National World Cup GK Coach

Roberto Navajas

The best words to describe John are passion, understanding, and knowledge. In order to offer the best of the best these are the qualities a Coach can present to his players. The passion that John expresses in his work brings out the energy necessary for motivating the player day by day. As well, the knowledge that John possesses and transfers to his keepers is something I have witnessed that brings out the best qualities in the keepers knowledge and skills, these are qualities a coach needs to deliver and teach his players.


To sum it all up Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy is a great organization which is professional in each of the activities and programs they run. I'm only left to say that I am speaking with one of the best professionals that I have ever met in the World of Coaching.


It has been a great pleasure to be part of the Program and work side by side with Coach John.


-Roberto Navajas, 1st Team GK Coach Real Sociedad La Liga

Adrian Tucker

 I finally had the pleasure to visit Canada and in particular support John Moreira at Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy.
Knowing John had organised & run progressional training camps for Goalkeepers previously, professional coaches led me to take Adrian Tucker Coaching to Canada. Come out to support his ongoing programmes, I support them and hope to be back soon. It is a program run very well.


-Adrian Tucker, Former EPL GK Coach

Mike Toshack

Without question, Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy is one of the finest in North America. John Moreira and his highly qualified staff provide goalkeepers with First Class instruction allowing them to develop to their full potential. Any goalkeeper serious about developing their game should jump at the chance to train with Euro Star.


-Mike Toshack, Portland Timbers Goalkeeper Coach MLS

Freddy Hall

Working with John has been very rewarding on many levels. The way in which he relates to goalkeepers and is able to create a bond is something that allows you to be free and motivates you to put in the extra work. His drills are very modern and beneficial which help you improve and also forces you to work hard. He touches on every aspect of goalkeeping allowing for a balanced and productive session. Overall it's very enjoyable and a good session every time we meet up.


-Freddy Hall, Bermuda Men's National Goalkeeper, Former Toronto FC Goalkeeper 1st Team, AFC Telford United, Oxford, Chester, Limerick

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Alec Capstick

Alec has been a regular attendee of the Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy for the past 9 years. John Moreira and the rest of the coaching staff have been instrumental in developing his skills as a Keeper and confidence on the field. John’s love of the game and passion for the position have stretched Alec’s abilities to allow him to be the player he is today.


Thank you to John and team for developing me to be the Keeper I am today.

Ashley Mercuri


Without your training, I never would have won my scholarship to Converse, which eventually led me here, to Logan U.

You taught me how to be the best player and goalkeeper that I could be, but in the process, you taught me so much more. 

You are one of the best coaches that I have ever had the privilege of training with!

Without the soccer and life training that I received from you, I wouldn't be who or where I am today. I would like to thank you, and to let you know, I finally made it!


Hi John,
I wanted to send a brief note to thank-you for running an excellent GK camp
this past weekend. Adrian and the coaches were excellent with the kids and
Calum is inspired to take his game to the next level. Needless to say being
recognized by Adrian and received a signed shirt was an added bonus, and
Calum is still on a high from that!  From the initial moment of the first
session, Calum had an extra kick in his step and I knew he was loving every
moment of it.  We both have missed the quality coaching you and your team
have provided, and look forward to the fall training at ESGA.

Thanks again,


Reiner Dollak

Hi John I just wanted to email you and let you know that I am going to Canisius next year on scholarship. They are D1 and thanks to your teachings you have helped me become the keeper I am today. Without Eurostar goalkeeper academy I wouldn't have learned the technique that has helped me succeed as a goalkeeper. I will take what you have taught me and continue to use it on the pitch for the rest of my life.


Many thanks,


Dean Spokes



I have been meaning to send this email for some time. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the keeper training that you are providing at Euro Star.

I had initial trepidations about spending the money on an academy as I was concerned with the coach to keeper ratio and the impact that has on the quality of the training. The four girls that we have there are in very good hands with your coaching staff and they all look forward to the sessions every week. As you are aware, all too often it is a position that does not get the specific training that it requires.Personally, I have been involved with keeper training for over 20 years and I have yet to see something of the quality that your academy provides. Rest assured I will continue to commit my keepers to your program as well as extol the values of it to the other coaches at our club.


Well done and thank you!

Head Coach North Mississauga S.C. 98 Girls

Justine Bernier

John Moreira teaches the game as he lives his life, with passion and intensity. He passes this passion and intensity onto his students as he demands nothing but your personal best and will not yield until you reach it. Through high intensity training, John pushed me outside my comfort zone which enable to learn more. John instilled a passion for the game in me years ago that still affects my everyday life. John was the first to show me that the game of soccer was more than a sport; it is a way of life. You must breath it...dream it, and train everyday like it's the World Cup.


Without this constant strive for perfection I would never have proceeded in the game of soccer, as well as gain a lifelong love for the game. When I first began my training with John I couldn't do a summersault and I dove like a sack of potatoes. It took time, trust, consistency and lots of hours training in a high intensity atmosphere to gain the tools I needed to move on to the next level. John covers all aspects of goalkeeping starting from the ground up which is essential, especially in young goalkeepers, as what seem to be innocent habits could turn into game altering mistakes. John picks out these imperfections and fixes them. Thus giving the goalkeeper the confidence that they are playing the position correctly and the reassurance that they can do it, they can make the big save and be the hero.


John gave me great confidence and I will never forget the endless hours training in the heat, rain and mud. No matter what I come across in my career, those memories will always stick out in my mind, as they played a key role in getting me to where I am today. I thank you for teaching me the techniques and the requirements to succeed in the game, the memories I will have forever, but mostly, the passion that you coach with every day that passion that you have passed on to me.

Rebecca, Richmond Hill U12 'A'

Since I started training with John, people have been asking my parents and I the same question. Where do you train? We simply answer 'John Moreira's Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy.' Over the period of one year, I have gone from a 'B' goalkeeper to a Premier goalkeeper, the highest level in my age group. John always gives us new challenges, and this is what makes his training exciting and unique. Thanks to John, I have had great success.

Nicholas ' Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club U12

Over the past year, John Moreira and his staff at Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy have helped me and continue to help me become a confident goalkeeper. John has helped me improve my techniques and my skills which have brought out my strengths as a keeper. John has taught me things no other goalie coach can teach me, that a soccer ball is not only filled with air but it is also filled with my dreams and hopes of becoming a professional goalkeeper. Thank you John.

Amanda John

I started training with John and the Eurostar Academy about two years ago. As soon as I started to train with Eurostar I realized that John's coaching was what I needed to help bring me to the next level, and help me to go farther with soccer. John and his coaching staff helped me to improve my technique and bring up my fitness level, and I moved up from training with the Elite group to the Advanced group. When I decided that I wanted to continue to play soccer at university I knew that it would be possible with the help of John. His passion and knowledge gave me the discipline I needed to focus and train harder. I moved up from playing on an elite level team to playing OYSL last summer, and made two showcase teams; the St. Catherines Jets and CTSA. I started to get interest from some universities, and found one that was a perfect fit. In August of this year I'll be heading to Mercyhurst College in Erie Pennsylvania. It's an NCAA DII school; the team won their conference this year and finished in the Elite Eight. The coach is planning for me to be the starting goalkeeper this season. I owe a lot to John and Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy, as I know that their hard work and passion gave me the skills to make this all happen.

Joseph Kuta

I would like to thank John Moreira and the rest of Eurostar Goalkeeper Acadamy for training me and helping me get to where I am today. I was recently in Italy for a trial with AS Roma. It was something I will never forget. The people in Italy live and breath soccer. Everywhere you go, you are likely to see or hear something related to the game. Also training in the AS Roma facility was amazing. Seeing all the skilled players, and knowing that I was training in the same place as the actual team is one of the highlights of my life. I hope I can continue with AS Roma and go through their system. I have always been a fan of Italian soccer, but thanks to Eurostar I have gone beyond being a fan, I have trained and played the game there.

Marcel DeBellis

I would like to thank John Moreira for helping me be who I am today as a goalkeeper. He has a great passion in teaching the game of soccer at all levels and as result he has given me the same passion for this great sport. I've been training with John for over two years now and he has brought my physical and technical abilities to a much higher level then I would have ever imagined. His dedication in teaching me has brought me to play at the highest possible level. He has also taught me to believe in myself and play with more confidence.


I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me and I know you can push me the extra step to be even better. John I will always remember you when I go big.

Kristina Terpoy - Erin Mills Eagles Girls U 15 'A'

Training with Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy under the direction of John Moreira has given me the chance to identify, understand and learn the goalkeeper position. Eurostar has given me the confidence to play in my position that I can bring out everytime I step onto a field. The high intensity sessions make for a positive fun atmosphere to train in, which keeps goalkeepers of every age coming back for more. Through training with EGA and its trainers, I have become successful in my position and I can confidently say that most of my success is because of this phenominal academy. Eurostar has taught me great respect for soccer, the position of goalkeeper and myself.

Ashely Mercuri - Mississauga Falcons Girls U15

happened to me, athletics wise. John's training tactics and specialized drills make the session both challenging and fun at the same time. He has helped me correct many of my bad habits and has given me the confidence to be the goalie I am today. If you ever want to train with the best, you won't be training with anyone other than John.

DJ 'Pascale' Mercuri

It really says something about a coach if none of his players ever want to leave. John's energy and intensity combine to make a hi-energy practice where you always feel like you belong, even if you're new to the camp. Training with John helps incorporate game-speed drills and situations so that you are ready for whatever comes your way in a game. John is the greatest coach I've ever had. Thank you.

Connor Tenaschuk, 10 y.o.

I had heard about the Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy from a coach in Connor's league. He warned me about the hard training and how tough John was on everyone. Even though Connor was apprehensive at first, let me tell you that Connor can not wait take Coach John's next program of instruction. "John Moreira is the best coach of any sport I am involved in."( Connor's direct quote to me. Connor also swims competitively for Mississauga) He is tough but fair. His drills are amazing. His academy is not only high energy throughout but VERY positive in its approach to all athletes. John works with each athlete providing both critique and compliments, concurrently, during their training throughout the session. Thanks John for your well-intentioned tutelage and growth of my son, Connor. We hope to see you soon!

Rebecca - Oakville Raiders, 93

"What time is it?"....."Now!"


"Where are we?" "Here!"'


"Who are we?" "Goalkeepers!"


That is the first thing that I learned at Eurostar in May 2005. That was a year and a half ago. Since then I have been consistently training with John and his colleagues. Although it has been a pleasure to know John, but that is not why we go back for more training all the time. I go back because of the quality instruction. The level of intensity is very high, but everybody can handle it. What we learn from each instructor is the same, so there are no mix ups.


Over the past year, I have improved as a keeper. I have gone from a Rep B team at my own age group, to a Premier team a year up. I would not have improved this much if it had not have been for the Eurostar Goalkeeping Academy.


On October 14th, 2006, I was present for the opening of Eurostar's partnership with Locust. Craig Forest was there and all of us had a blast. Locust was very generous for they gave us goalie gloves, a jersey, and a t-shirt. It was a great experience and I wish more people could have been there to experience it themselves. Before coming to Eurostar my husband and I were looking for Goalie training. We tried many different places. Then we found Eurostar! Our daughter has been training with Eurostar for a year and a half. We can see a huge difference in her skills and confidence as a goaltender. John and his staff have very high standards and the students rise to these standards.

Charlie & Dan Craig

On Saturday October 14, 2006 Eurostar joined with Locust as a sponsor for his Academy. Mike Rene Krog the CEO of Locust gave all the goalies a goalie jersey, a t-shirt and a pair of gloves. What a pleasant surprise to receive gloves. Our daughter was so pleased. Creating Champions was the logo on the t-shirt. I thought how fitting that this logo represents both Locus and Eurostar. Eurostar does create Champion Goalies. He has trained many students that have scholarships in the States, play professionally and are winning at the provincial level. At Eurostar the students train hard and the results are significant. Our daughter now plays a year up at a very high level. We have every confidence in John and his staff, and recommend Eurostar to any person looking for the best goalie training available.

Julian Hearts

John is a great part of my life because he teaches me everything that I didn't know about being a goalie I hope I can be just as good as John when I grow up.

Nicholas, U13 Oakville Predators

John you and your coaches have given me the strength and determination to reach for my dreams. John you have helped me believe I can do anything I set my mind to. Your goalie training sessions are hard work but also a lot of fun. Thank you for believing in me.

Anna Gulli

Our son is in his second year of training with Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy. The coaches with John Moreira have a strong passion for teaching young goalkeepers. Everyone is friendly and professional. It is a pleasure to watch John with his students. John motivates and inspires all his students to work hard and never give up. It takes a certain kind of person to be a soccer goalie and John Moreira and his staff give each and every one of their keepers the desire to play this crazy position.

Kim Blake

Ben came from Halifax where there has been limited experience for him to have high level goalie training. Ben's visit to Toronto was outstanding and gave him the enthusiasm he needed to keep being inspired by soccer. Ben has been telling everyone about meeting and training with Craig and this was certainly a highlight to the weekend. John has been especially considerate in returning all my calls and emails ever since I contacted him. I was amazed with John's ability to get Ben over to Toronto at very short notice and organize the long weekend. Ben is looking forward to going to try out in Connecticut later this fall and I would have no hesitation to pay for another Toronto training session with John and Craig.

Chris Prouting

It was an awesome event, I learned a lot from the trainers (Jerry and John). The trainers were very experienced and made the session a lot of fun. I was very sore after the training, what a workout! I am looking forward to coming back for more sessions, it is very professional.

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