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In consideration of the acceptance of the PARTICIPANT’s registration with Euro Star Goalkeeper Academy (ESGA), the PARTICIPANT, and / or the legal parent / guardian understand, accept and agree as follows:


  • that any reference to ESGA shall also refer to its directors, officers, volunteers, employees, affiliates, and / or agents;

  • that the PARTICPANT registering for any ESGA program, does so with the prior knowledge of all prescheduled training dates and times, and acknowledges that any absenteeism on their part, not a result of ESGA doing, is at their own expense, and further understand that no rescheduled / alternate program options, or refund / credit for future programs will be provided by ESGA;

  • that while every effort will be made the contrary, ESGA reserves the right to change venues, program times, cancel and / or reschedule any programs without notice, and will provide alternate program options, credit for future programs, or issue a refund, all subject to the discretion of ESGA;

  • that program ages are guidelines, and that ESGA retains the right to place PARTICIPANTS according to their knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure the program quality is maintained and appropriate for all PARTICIPANTS;

  • that the PARTICIPANT is participating of their own free will, and assume full responsibility during and after their involvement for their choices to use or apply, at their own risk, any portion of the information or instruction received during these programs;

  • that part of the risk involved in undertaking any program is relative to the PARTICIPANTS own state of fitness and / or health, including but not limited to physical, mental and / or emotional health, and the awareness, care and skill with which the PARTICIPANT conducts him / herself during these programs;

  • that the PARTICIPANT is free to reduce, modify or withdraw from any program, and realizes that they should do so upon recognition of any signs of light headedness, nausea, fainting, chest discomfort, cramping, bone or joint discomfort, etc;

  • that the PARTICIPANT will immediately report to ESGA personnel any injury suffered during the course any program;

  • that the PARTICIPANT will supply their own shorts / pants, shirt, shin guards, gloves, soccer shoes, and other equipment for all programs, and that due to the repetitive nature of programs, excessive wear will occur;

  • that the PARTICIPANT is solely responsible for their personal possessions and equipment, and that any damages caused by the PARTICIPANT’s careless, reckless, negligent or improper handling, they shall assume all liability for;

  • that for all programs the PARTICIPANT will supply their own water bottle and fluids, and will commit to ensuring they are properly hydrated prior to, during and after any programs, and that during any outdoor programs, they will supply their own hat and sunscreen;

  • that all programs offered by ESGA are overseen by certified, licensed, registered and / or accredited instructors, coaches, trainers, and / or professionals, and that sometimes these programs are conducted by personnel who may not be certified, licensed, registered and / or accredited instructors, coaches, trainers, and / or professionals;

  • that the skills and competencies of ESGA personnel will vary according to their level of training and experience;

  • that no claim is made to offer an assessment and / or treatment of any physical, mental and / or emotional diseases and / or conditions by those who are not duly certified, licensed, registered and / or accredited to provide such professional services;

  • that the PARTICIPANT has inquired about the nature of any programs or venues that they are not completely familiar with and that they have been informed of any inherent risks;

  • that should the need arise, authorize ESGA the provision of emergency first aid, and if required, emergency medical services, if deemed necessary by a dually qualified medical practitioner;

  • to release and indemnify from this day forward, and keep indemnified, save and hold harmless ESGA, against all injuries, accidents, losses, claims, damages, proceedings, costs or expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, arising in any way as a result of the PARTICIPANT’s involvement with any ESGA;


CANCELLATION / REFUND POLICY: Cancellations made any time prior to the start of any ESGA programs will forfeit the deposit. Refunds will not be made after the start of any ESGA programs unless they are due to a documented medical reason, and shall be subject to a 50% Cancellation Fee prorated based on prior attendance.


RETURNED PAYMENT POLICY: Returned payments or cheques due to non-sufficient funds, cancellation or any other reason will be subject to a $40 Service Charge. These payments must be replaced by a Money Order, Cash, or Certified Cheque before the PARTICIPANT is permitted to continue with any ESGA programs.


CONSENT FOR USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: I authorize ESGA to collect, store and use the information provided herein, and throughout the PARTICIPANTS’ involvement with ESGA, for the purpose of record keeping, and to utilize any testimonials, photos and / or video excerpts of the PARTICPANT which may appear in brochures, websites, multimedia, and / or other advertising, promotional, marketable material without prior consent or further compensation, and that any medical information provided may be shared those person(s) conducting programs offered by ESGA. I further understand that I may withdraw such consent related to the collection and use of personal information at any time by contacting ESGA in writing. ESGA does NOT sell or distribute personal information to any third party.

Terms of Service

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